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Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino – A Total Package for an All Inclusive Girlfriend Getaway Trip

If you want a beautiful island to spend on your girlfriend getaway trip at, then look no further, Aruba is just what you need. Aruba is a warm sunny island located in the Caribbean. It is best known for the turquoise blue waters with soft sand beaches. In this beautiful country, is a specialty (for lack of a better word) that truly awaits you. A vacation at the optional all inclusive, Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino is an experience you must have in your lifetime.

The Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino is a tad bit different than your average resort. It is for adults and families but then again it is not. I am sure you are just as confused as I was when I first heard that, but let me explain. You see, the resort is housed on a 40 acre private island. There is one side that is totally for families and the other side is only for adults. You can exhale now that you know, you won’t have a diaper floating by you in the pool.

Resort features

* Barber/Beauty shop

* Bookstore

* Evening turndown service

* Car rental site on property

* Laundry on-site

* Room service

* Gaming casino

* Fitness center, which includes cardio machines, free weights

* On site spa

The Rooms

The rooms are pretty standard in terms of size and range from a guest room with a king sized bed up to a Presidential Suite with 2 bedrooms and an ocean view.

The Eateries

There are several great restaurants available here. If you chose the all inclusive package, which I am sure you will, then sampling each one will cost you nothing extra. There is the option of eating buffet style or a selection of fine dining restaurants. For the party goers and the late night snackers, no worries there is the Midnight Grill, where you can get some munch worthy food all night.

The Shopping

Now for the good stuff, the best part, the icing on the cake and the list goes on. The Renaissance Mall, is conveniently attached to the hotel and has high end shops like Gucci Louis Vuitton, Aldo, Calvin Klein, BCBG and more. Is this not the perfect setup for the girls trip this year?

If you are looking for the best vacation for you and your girlfriends then you have found it. Relaxation, fun, entertainment and shopping; sounds like the perfect all inclusive getaway to me!

Preparing For a Cross Country Motorcycle Trip

So you are hell bent on taking a long motorcycle trip on the back roads which is just a wonderful way to see the country. Taking a train in past day were great as the train tracks used to travel just about through peoples back yards but now like the highways they skirt around towns and miss the most interesting things in seeing what and how people live, all we are doing now is to get from a to z and the fastest way.

In preparation for your trip you have a few things you want to put together, first of all you should go out and purchase some good maps of all the States and Provinces you plan to travel through, a good idea is not to depend on purchasing your maps as you travel as probably you will not find these on your rural travels only on main interstate highways. A good tune up of your bike should be done so that you will not have any breakdowns but you should also find dealerships along your route for your motorcycle if you do run into trouble.

It is not a good plan to mark you trip in stone, leave yourself open, for side trips, because if you are enjoying your trip you will find all kinds of information from locals who will tell you about places that you should just see, if you have mapped out your trip that if you took an extra site seeing trip that it would trow your schedule all off that would have you missing a lot of great events and just bypassing all that free information.

Do not miss an opportunity to take a picture even if the timing is just not right for you, but you will find later down the road you will be wishing you had taken that picture and now you cannot find anything close to it. Traveling light on a bike is smart, a change of clothes, other than your personal toiletries and probably a rain slicker strapped to the back of your bike is enough.

Having a buddy along on a long trip makes for good companionship but than their is a lot to be said for being alone on an adventure, Maybe a good reason for riding alone is how you feel about yourself, handling the uncertainties about yourself that you are prepared to handle the risks on your own. Maybe your buddy gets quite disinterested in the things you want to see as well as on a stop over you are more apt to be able to strike up a conversation when you are alone and not two motorcycle guys that could be a bit intimating to some people, so when you are riding alone you will pick up more local stories as people are interested about you as well as you would like to hear of any local stories.

Riding a bike across country can be a great trip, for tales to tell you grandchildren or just to entertain the boys at the coffee shop. Ride well and be dressed for the occasion, leather is great easy to keep clean and very protective on you journeys.

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