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Finding Cheap Hotels – A Simple Guide

Rapid growth in economy has affected the hospitality industry and a short stay in Dallas can be quite expensive. The best way to save your hard earned money is by doing a research before you visit Dallas. If you want to stay there for short span opt for a cheap, convenient and affordable hotel which is also easy on your pocket.

The best way to cope up with this is to already have a booking and this can be done easily by booking a hotel online. If you are booking online you will get hotel accommodation at a cheaper and discounted rate. This means you will enjoy the best service by paying the least. There are many agencies that provide online reservation facility at discounted rates. The hotels provide substantial discounts to the agencies and the agencies make block booking for the hotels.

Always make a point to explore different areas of the city as this will give you a brief idea of the surroundings. There are many Cheap Hotels in downtown Dallas offering luxury stay at discounted rates. When you want to stay in hotels find out the area of Dallas where you will be staying. Dallas is divided into downtown Dallas hotels, uptown hotels, Park Central, North Dallas hotels, and Market Center.

Make sure that you figure out your budget as it is very important while managing finances while you are on a move. One of the facts is that Dallas imposes a total of around twelve percent taxes in hotels, keep this in mind while managing finances and stay in cheap hotels of your choice. Also be aware of all the extra charges that many hotels might impose without warning like valet surcharges.

As mentioned earlier in this article it is always good to book your hotel stay online and if possible also find a hotel price broker for you. There are many sites offering online hotel bookings in Dallas. Sometimes you may get a four star hotel booking only for $75.00. Look at the hotel’s rating and service reviews.

It is not mandatory to always make a stay in a five star hotel as there are many services which you will not need during your stay. Five star hotels are quite expensive than others, so book for such a hotel which provide all the basic services. This way you will get a luxury stay at a cheaper rate in Dallas.

Jodhpur Hotels – Budget Hotel Options

Jodhpur is a popular tourist city located in the state of Rajasthan and it serves as a temporary home to a wide range of tourists. The city of Jodhpur attracts people from all walks of life, thanks to its old buildings, rich culture and winding and narrow lanes. The hotels in Jodhpur vary from expensive five star hotels to cheap budget hotels. There are hotels and home stays that will satisfy the needs of every type of traveler. Even the cheaper and lesser known hotels provide good hospitality to their guests.

Budget hotels are pretty cheap and they are ideal for those who are traveling in groups. For those who are on a restricted budget, these hotels are quite useful. In fact many foreigners can be found at these hotels as they are cheap and clean. Since these hotels are clean and safety is also not an issue, families can also opt for them.

Budget hotels can be found all around the city and they provide basic amenities such as boarding and lodging. Some of them might have arrangements with some local taxi agencies, but this cannot be relied upon. Making travel arrangements for yourself is the best bet that you can take when you are staying at one of these budget hotels. These accommodations can charge nominal and affordable rates per night depending on the room.

Some of the most renowned budget hotels in the town of Jodhpur are Inn Season, Megh Niwas, Mandore Guest House, Ratnawali, Rajputana, Shri Ram Excellency, and Hotel Residency Palace. These hotels are well known for their clean and quiet surroundings. The services that can be expected at such budget hotels in Jodhpur include hot and cold water, regular room services, television sets, laundry services, and games facilities. Some budget hotels, such as Inn Season, even have a swimming pool. It might be a good idea to check out a hotel before opting for it.

Inn Season serves specially made homemade food for its guests. It might be possible to pack some food for day trips from this hotel. Inn Season is one of the few budget friendly Jodhpur hotels that provide airport and railway station pickup and drop services. Billiards, snooker, golf and tennis facilities are also available at Inn Season Hotel. While places like this Inn Season Hotel may provide a good bargain, there are hotels that provide no value for money. All tourists must be careful while selecting budget hotels.