10 Tips on Planning a Destination Wedding on the Outer Banks of North Carolina

This coupled with the experience and the local knowledge of your Wedding Planner you will see that a Destination Wedding is not as hard to organize as you once thought. The old adage of a destination wedding being the code word for eloping has gone by the wayside. Destination Weddings are here to stay and are growing into the new way for couples to get away from the traditional formal affair to a casual, intimate occasion on the beautiful and pristine beaches of the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Here are the Top 10 Tips on Planning a Destination Wedding on the Outer Banks:

1) Choose the type of ceremony first.

Are you going to have a Religious or symbolic ceremony, this will help you in deciding which wedding locations to rule out, it will help in the pre-wedding rituals, traditions and organizing the time-line of the wedding ceremony. Your wedding planner will be able to help you by discussing your options of locations to meet your choice.

2) Choose your destination wisely.

There are many great houses, hotels and other venues on the Outer Banks that are gorgeous and many will capture the romance, so it is makes it hard to choose one spot over the other. But, once you learn which location is better in certain seasons, or if the location is only available in the evenings; for example, the better off you are for planning your reception and the guest list.

3) Make a list of important criteria for you and your guests’ stay.

Making a list of criteria is very helpful in determining your group outings and choosing the the right reception location. The details will help tremendously in finding the location of all activities and where you will be staying. You don’t want to be running all over the beach.

4) Outline a budget.

You must remember a ‘unique’ wedding will have a range of costs. Don’t set yourself at a low budget and expect the ‘red carpet’ treatment. Give yourself a little space in your budget to add a touch of the many Outer Banks flavors and traditions.

5) Get expert and local advice regarding the customs and traditions.

You will definitely need the help of a wedding planner for this tip. Coming to the Outer Banks for the first time can be a daunting affair with so many great foods, specific venues for specific desires and many unique experiences in certain locations will add to the romance and “uniqueness” of your Outer Banks Wedding.

6) Making reservations early is a must.

It means that you can be guaranteed the location that is perfect to your dreams. It also will help you stay within your budget because last minute bookings can mean more money.

7) Send out your wedding invitations a minimum of 4 months in advance.

We suggest sending out the wedding invitations early because we know guests have certain dietary needs, new babies are expected and many things might need to be changed to meet their needs. You can also save on group bookings for accommodations amongst other things and your preparations will allow everything to run smoother.

8) Plan your reception carefully.

If you want a wedding band, dancing, outdoor festivities, and other unique features be prepared for the unexpected. Be sure to have a back up plan just in case. This also is a reason to have a local wedding planner because it pays to have someone helping who knows of people to call on in an emergency situation.

9) Ask your guests what activities they might like.

On your wedding invitations provide some option for activities and get your guests to rate their preferences. This will take the guesswork out of deciding on which group outings to do. Plus, they will get more excited about coming to the Outer Banks.

10) – Make yourself and the wedding party look their best.

A no-brainer, you say, don’t be so sure. You need to plan ahead and make sure that all of your needs and special requests are available ahead of time. This is a small island of beautiful sunsets irgo we don’t have the mega stores that have every knick-knack but they can be gotten if needed. Also the good providers are spoken for quickly and their schedules are booked. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to find a hairstylist who can handle your hair because she might be booked with another wedding party that day. So be sure to convey your wants and needs to your “Local Wedding Planner” with time to spare.

So there are your Top 10 Tips On Planning A Destination Wedding on the Outer Banks .