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A Great Family Backyard Camping Trip

Used tent trailers are great for families who want to “rough it” closer to home. All the comforts of traditional tent camping and an RV, but easier on the wallet and you can store it in your garage.

There are many fun traditional camping activities that you can enjoy from your own backyard in a tent trailer:


What camping experience is complete without the food? Your first thoughts will probably be to just camp out of your refrigerator or pantry, but this is a bad idea. Keep with an authentic camping experience and bring a cooler outside with everything you need.

Build A Fire

You can easily buy a fire pit from Home Depot that’s safe for urban zoning use. Pile it with wood you bought or leaves, and light it up. Be careful to build it far enough away from your tent trailer so you can avoid any problems. Teaching your children how to build a fire is a valuable skill, and good memories that will last them a lifetime.

Tell Ghost Stories

It’s a time honored tradition when camping, especially around a fire. You can get everyone involved in mutual story telling, where everyone has to finish the last person’s story and improve on it.

Shadow Puppets

With a light and a pair of hands, you can tell stories on the wall of your used tent trailer, as an alternative to ghost stories for younger children or to wind them down before it’s time to go to sleep. You can have one child read out of the book, while you and another act out the scenes on the wall.

Campfire Improv

Before you move everyone outside for camping, pack up a cooler filled with random things you find around your house. Divide everyone up into even groups, and hand out props at random to everyone. Everyone gets two minutes to come up with a story about the weird objects, who ever thinks up the best story wins!

When you have a tent trailer you don’t need an expensive RV or complicated tents to go on a backyard camping trip!

A Look Back at British Holiday Camps

Holiday camps are a fun option for vacationing in Britain. They were the “it” way to vacation in the fifties and sixties. During those times, taking a vacation to the coast was rare. Those vacations were costly, especially since the War had recently ended. Since many people could not take a holiday, the holiday camps brought the holiday to them. Holiday camps provided an all in one option. The price was good, there was a lot of food, and, of course, there was a lot to do.

One of the earliest holiday camps you can still visit today is called Caister Camp. When it was originally opened, the accommodation was in tents. The great thing about this camp is it is located right on the beach. In addition, it has over 90 acres of land.  

Another earlier camp is called Corton Beach Holiday Camp. It is located in Skegness and was opened in 1936. The amazing thing about this camp is that it could accommodate so many people. Because of its size, it stood out from a distance. Many would stop and stare at it from the town. 

Middleton Tower Holiday Camp was started in the 1950s. It is famous for it’s building which was designed to replicate the ocean liner on land. Also, the camp had a “Sun Ray Room”, bars, and a separate theater for children. The goal of this holiday camp was pure entertainment. Many guests stayed at the camp on a constant basis. 

A fun holiday camp opened in the 60s along the Esplanade called Bognor Regis. It was a site to behold. The area was beautiful. This camp was definitely more modern than others. It had newer hotels and flats. 

The Holiday Camp opened in 1960. It was also modern. It had chalets on two stories. The image of the camp was much more corporate than previous camps. It was considered more of a novelty than others. The tile was even fancy. And, they even installed a monorail at the camp for guests. 

South Devon Holiday Camp at Paigton was another camp from the 1960s. It had newer buildings with flat roofs. The rooms had large windows so that each guest had a great view of the scenery. However, most people did not appreciate the style at first.  

By the time the 60s were underway there appeared to be much optimism among the people. Everyone seemed to be forward thinking. The war, although not forgotten was something of the past, and people could focus on a better tomorrow.