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Finding Unique and Exotic Travel Deals Right Here in the US

For the larger travel web sites; travel deals are generated when they purchase airfare seats, hotels and rental cars in bulk and then resale to the general public at reduced rates.

The same holds true for discounted cruise deals and hot vacation spots. He who has the cash flow to purchase travel in bulk do extremely well in the resale.

However, there is another travel deal that is generated consistently that the general public usually is not aware of. This is the travel deals created by the smaller resorts and off the beaten path travel spots.

With any purchase of sight unseen you run the risk of the vacation NOT being what you expected. You can be fairly sure that your accommodations will be as advertised when you purchase from the large travel web sites.

This leads us to why the “travel review” sites are so popular. You can go to any of these sites and read what other traveler’s have written about the destination you are interested in visiting.

This leads us to another concern for the independent traveler; unless you know exactly where it is you want to travel you may never know about the exciting, wonderful, beautiful, inexpensive, travel deals throughout the world that have been totally safe for Americans in the past.

Getting small private resorts, travel agents and travel suppliers to be consistent with their marketing efforts has not proven successful. In the pass their ad campaigns have been hit and miss, now and then. Unless a cash flow rich travel agency decides to promote one of these small and unique travel destinations in the San Francisco Chronicle or the New York Times; the general public may never know of the hidden travel spots.

Yes, this is a time when we must be extremely aware of our surroundings, regardless of what county we are in; but we don’t have to leave the US to find really nice exotic places alone the Eastern seaboard or the hidden islands and coast line off the southern states here in the US.

Travel Agents receive press releases and flyers on remolded, inexpensive, small, out of the way resorts, via their fax lines all the time. Its one thing for them to receive this information and another for them to promote them. And why should they? Good business persons promote that which will increase their income! And many of travelers go to the larger travel sites for vacation packages.

So for the independent traveler who wants more from his/her travel experience – research is the key. You don’t have to leave the US to find new and exciting places to travel — However, you do have to take the time to find them.

How to Locate and Find the Best Travel Deal

The best travel deal is that which is perfectly suited to your pocket and gives you full enjoyment. Find the best air travel deals on the internet for your vacation. Because of the power of the internet, it is now possible to find wonderful air travel bargains and vacations right from your own home.

Here is a tip sheet on how to ferret out the best travel deals on your own:

1. Allow yourself a few days to really do homework on collecting information about the cheap and best traveling price and comparing the cost of your holiday.

2. Check out the travel sites which frequently offer package trips and give special discount.

3. Check out the airlines and hotel discounted renting schemes of desired destination according to your budget.

4. Child places or discount offers are snapped up quickly, so be sure to book early if you find one.

5. Compare renting of the different hotels or resorts in which you like to stay and this will help you obtain a clearer idea of renting of the hotel that fits in your pocket.

6. When you find a holiday you like, compile a list of all the extras you will have to pay for, including the meals, lodging, transportation surcharges etc., before you begin to compare prices.

7. Make sure you take a copy of the brochure description on holiday with you. It’s always worth knowing what you were promised at the time of booking, especially if you want to make a complaint.

Make sure you leave a review of your holiday on a customer review website on your return. This helps like minded holidaymakers avoid making any mistakes when booking and you never know, if you had a really bad experience they might help you fight your case with the tour operator.

Super Travel Deals For the Traveler on a Budget

There are always three things that you look for when on the prowl for a place to visit: the place should be easy-on-the-eyes, suited to your taste, and of course, very budget-friendly. You’re looking for the Superman of travel deals, and this is where super travel deals come into the picture! To get a super travel deal, the bargain must be all three of the characteristics mentioned above, and more that you did not think to include, or did not think you could afford but suddenly comes to you virtually free of charge! And the best part of this is that you need only to enjoy them once they come along, since they are usually a “no-strings-attached” sort of thing, like the deals that are mentioned on Tony Morrison’s ‘My Airfare Secrets’. You just need the right strategy to be able to get super travel deals, and have the vacation that you’ve always dreamed about!

Plan ahead – It’s never a good thing to get travel tickets during peak seasons, like holidays. Usually, travel companies charge a lot more during these times because people are harried, and need to get where they want to go double-time! You have to content with other people, and usually have to put up with leftovers. By booking and purchasing travel tickets early, you’re not only getting the pick of the seats, but also saving yourself the trouble should trouble arise in the future and throw a wrench into your plans.

1. Go somewhere that’s not known.
The funny thing is, going to places like the Bahamas or Hawaii is seriously over-rated and over-crowded. People from all over the world are going there and staying there, and you’re traveling to enjoy yourself, not be around more people than where you came from! Why not travel to a small inn in Naples’ Wine Valley or book a small cottage in Spain? Try something that you’ve never even thought of, and you’ll be surprised how much you can actually enjoy yourself!

2. Use other modes of transport.
A lot of people just accept the rental car rates that are already packaged with their travel packages, never mind the extra fee. However, there are always other options available to you if you just look around a little. For a smaller fee, you can rent a motorcycle and cruise your way around the area. If you’re a health junkie, there’s always a bike shop nearby willing to rent you one of their units!

3. Make friends!
No matter where you’re going and who your company is, it always pays to make friends. Be amiable to your travel agent, your flight attendant, your luggage carrier, your cab driver…just about anyone you’ll meet through your travels. When you are, you will notice that they’ll most often act the same way towards you!

If you’re looking for super travel deals around, you have to really put in some time and sweat to find what fits your budget and your expectations of your travel. You’ll find it’ll be nothing compared to the great time you’ll have when you do!